Issue 41 - From Corner to Corner

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0041E

Hello Young Researchers,

Puss in the corner!

Who doesn't like to play it? Every player selects
a corner and the player in the centre runs from
corner to corner. This game is always very fun.  

In this issue, we took threads and started running from corner to corner. In the meantime we listed the words that came to our minds. We made shapes with thread: a triangle, a square and a circle. We looked at the patterns of the stars. We painted houses, roads, mountains, seas and flowers. We walked on the roads that we have painted. They looked like maps. We met artists and architects on the corners. We asked them how they found the corners. This issue which we started by playing puss in the corner ended very well. Come on, start reading the magazine in any corner you want. Mark the pages that you find interesting. Paint and draw on the blank corners to complete them. Make puss in the corner more fun!

Issue 41 - From Corner to Corner Issue 41 - From Corner to Corner ACM-DRG-0041E Araştırmacı Çocuk Merkezi Issue 41 - From Corner to Corner