Issue 45 - From Science To Engineering

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0045E

Hello Young Researchers,

When you hear the word scientist or engineer, who comes to mind first?

How does this person look when working? Can he be someone who is curious, imaginative, determined, good at problem solving and who keeps thinking and experimenting? Do you have similar qualities? What do you think?

In this issue, we explore who engineers and scientists are and how they work. Their ideas have made us both curious and excited. We have found out that when creative ideas meet with math, physics, chemistry and biology, they change our lives. We have realised how science and engineering make our lives easier. Inspired by their work, we have prepared experiments, activities and games for you. Let's see what creative ideas you will come up with when you read the magazine. Are you ready to work just like the scientist that you have imagined?

Issue 45 - From Science To Engineering Issue 45 - From Science To Engineering ACM-DRG-0045E Issue 45 - From Science To Engineering