Issue 46 - Make a Guess!

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0046E

Hello Young Researchers, 

Do you like puzzles? Everyone tries to guess the answer and share their guesses with each other. The answer surprises everyone and makes them laugh. More puzzles mean more fun.

While preparing this issue, we asked each other questions. We knew the answers to some of them, and we wanted to find out the answers to the other ones.“Come on, have a guess!” we said. Afterwards we did some research to find answers to our questions. We gathered some information, and we thought on it. "Is it possible? If it were possible, what would it be like?" we contemplated. Lastly, we compared the results of our research with our assumptions.

Here's what we asked: What will the James Webb Space Telescope uncover? How do scientists determine the age of dinosaurs? How many giant pandas are left in the world? What will the weather be like tomorrow? What happened to the snowman? Whose pink beanie is this? Who is George Mendel? Asking questions helped us learn new things and have fun. 

How about you play the guessing game? Ask each other questions about the things you are curious about. First try to guess the answers, then do some research. Compare your findings. Let's see what you will learn!

Happy reading

Issue 46 - Make a Guess! Issue 46 - Make a Guess! ACM-DRG-0046E Issue 46 - Make a Guess!