Issue 48 - What Can We See In Nature?

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0048E

Hello Young Researchers,

To prepare this issue, we grabbed our bags and went to the nearest forest to spend time in nature. First, we looked at trees closely, and picked fruit from them. Meanwhile, we took pictures of the plants and insects that we saw. While sitting by a stream, we wrote down the questions that came to our minds. Then, we looked for answers. Later on, we met a famous photographer who takes pictures of large and wild animals and did an interview with him. Besides, we read fantastic stories about nature. We ended up spending a long time outside. Everything was so impressive. As a result, we created activities and wrote down suggestions about protecting nature. Spend time in nature this summer. Listen to the sounds of nature. What will you hear, see and feel? What can you do to protect all living things found in nature? Give it some thought. Then write down or draw the things that came to mind. Take action to protect nature.

Happy reading!

Issue 48 - What Can We See In Nature? Issue 48 - What Can We See In Nature? ACM-DRG-0048E Issue 48 - What Can We See In Nature?