Issue 49 - Can You Hear The Music?

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0049E

Hello Young Researchers,

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

While preparing this issue, we listened to different types of music. We clapped our hands with excitement, sang along and danced to the songs. Next we explored different musical instruments and looked up the stories of the most famous musicians. Their stories impressed us deeply. Then we discovered musical notes. We learned the names of them and what they sound like. Afterwards, we played our favourite song together. Music soothed our body and mind. “What would it be like if the sound of music can be heard from the depths of space?” we dreamed. We want to pass on our enthusiasm about music to you. Now clap your hands to the rhythm of your favourite song, and start dancing. 

Relax, read and listen to your favourite music during the holiday.

Happy reading!

Issue 49 - Can You Hear The Music? Issue 49 - Can You Hear The Music? ACM-DRG-0049E Issue 49 - Can You Hear The Music?