Issue 51 - What Happened in the Ancient World

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Ürün Kodu: ACM-DRG-0051E

Hello Young Researchers,

Think about 10 years, 100 years or even thousands of years ago. Where and how did people live? How did they clothe themselves? How did they

communicate? What tools did they use? What did they do for a living?

We looked at a timeline of world history created by historians, and studied the oldest recorded history. Ancient history got us very excited.

We didn't lose any time preparing the issue. First, we went through the written sources of history. Then, we visited museums. Next, we talked to archaeologists, historians and artists. After that, we gatherec everything that we could find: resources of ancient history, photos, maps. information about fascinating archaeological discoveries

and the travel notes about some ancient cities. Finally, we wrote articles about these things and illustrated them. We are glad that writing was invented. When vou read this exciting. surprising and

thought-provoking information, what will you think about it? Music science, painting, food, agriculture, even dogs... Remember that everything you can think of has a history. Look up a history topic

that interests vou

Compare the past with the present, think about what might happen in the future. You can write down your thoughts on a

piece or paper or draw a picture

Happy reading!

Issue 51 - What Happened in the Ancient World Issue 51 - What Happened in the Ancient World ACM-DRG-0051E Issue 51 - What Happened in the Ancient World